Notes from a Current Project: How I Interpret Coastal Style…

Sometimes coastal style brings to mind an abundance of shells, driftwood, anchors, and rope, with everything themed out in honor of the ocean. In keeping with my more minimalist philosophy, I dial down this thematic approach using a mix of textures and materials to achieve an updated, modern version of coastal style.

I tend to draw inspiration from countries along the Mediterranean coastline, including Morocco, France, Spain, Greece and Italy. Elements like mosaic tile, aged stone, and taupey-gray wood finishes are part of my preferred materials palette.

This home’s exterior needed to stand apart from the others somehow. Different from quintessential cross-brace railing, tabby shell stucco, and lapped siding. It called for an added dose of formality. We chose to use stone on the ground level and around the pool, anchoring the mass of the home. Variation of board and batten, lap siding and cedar shake provide dimension and texture to an otherwise monotone façade.

While sourcing artwork and photography, I stumbled upon this railing which we then incorporated on the front of this Sullivan’s Island home. The West Indies inspired detail complements the inherent island style well.

My goal is to keep things “simple”, while channeling the best elements of coastal style. For this reason, I choose a light and airy palette that highlights natural materials, and celebrates clean lines, good proportions and uncluttered spaces. Less is more!